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My Hipstamatic…love it!

So I have totally been enjoying this app for the iphone…the Hipstamatic camera app. It has inspired me to use the camera on my iphone way more than I have before. I found out about this app through shimelle.com and she has some great inspiration on her site. Actually writing this post allowed me to back and review her ideas…I’m going to have to spend some time exploring her pages. Anyways, I started these two scrapbook pages back in May and I am just now getting to finish them. The husband is away on business so I don’t feel guilty spending the evening with my face glued to the laptop…well maybe I should be cleaning and organizing, but for now I scrapbook. I don’t know if I am thrilled with how I did these pages, but my philosophy of late has been to just go with it and not overthink my layouts.


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