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Columbus Zoo

Chris, Grant, and I had a great time driving to Columbus this weekend to visit with my Cousin and his family. We took a little trip to the Columbus Zoo, where the favorite activities for the kids were the playground, petting the goats, and “driving” stationary tractors. I think it is hilarious that only one animal made that list, and it is an animal we could probably find right down the road from here. Although maybe not so docile and accommodating to let dozens of little kids groom the heck out of its fir. Grant was so sleepy by the time we made it to the goats and tractors, but his interest in both gave him the energy boost he needed. And I even was able to take a picture of his smile. More info and pictures to follow!
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Growing up…

Yep, that is right…he is getting older. And I am not aging at all…well that second statement obviously is not true and I am feeling it for sure since we keep having sicknesses every other week. Makes me not look forward to this fall/winter season. I am praying that we start staying a little healthier.
Chris and I keep having these conversations about how much Grant is turning into what we classify as a “kid” and no longer a “baby.” It happens faster than you think, I mean…he is not even two years old at this time. I can only imagine how I will feel on his birthday this year.
I recently sent my camera lens in because the auto-focus was malfunctioning. This is the second warranty service on the lens and I have not owned it for a year yet. I am nervous about what will happen when that warranty runs out. When the lens came back (fixed) I was anxious to take some pictures of Grant. He was having fun jumping off his pottery barn kids chair onto our oversized bedroom pillows. A favorite past time of his. So this was the perfect opportunity to get some “happy” Grant poses/faces. I love the happiness that comes out of these pictures. Makes it worth the thought put into snapping them and the brief edits that I performed in Lightroom. I want to hold on to these moments as long as I can…and am so grateful that I can stay home every day and experience them. They are worth so much more than anyone can understand or know, but I value them as much as my little mind will let me.

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This one is for you, mom!

As a thank you to my mom for keeping track of our photos. We know where they are and they are well cared for, what more could you want? I scanned a bunch of photos (>6 years ago) for a slideshow that ran prior to my wedding. Now here I am today, wanting to scrapbook my son and realizing that I have a picture me in a similar situation. Actually, I am pretty sure I remembered that picture when I made the decision to let him eat the cake batter. Funny how a picture can influence the decisions that we make and how we feel about our actions. I guess maybe I felt like an “adventurous” mother that day, letting my child eat raw egg whites incorporated into cake batter. Sometimes I feel like I over-analyze situations and if I never let my child experience things then he will have fewer memories. Fewer instances of just enjoying life and not letting that enigma known as “what other people think” constantly barrage our thinking. So thanks to my mom for letting me live on the “edge” and taking a picture of it…and Grant thanks you too (although now he wants to sample my cooking every time I get that kitchenaid out and doesn’t always get his way).

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We had a great day today, full of fun outside our house. I am playing in a church volleyball league and today was our first game…well it wasn’t a game because the other people didn’t come. So we won by default and ended up scrimmaging. I think we did pretty well considering several of us haven’t played in a few years. We took a family nap after hitting a local ice cream place for some pumpkin ice cream. Then we went to look at Chris’ new place of work and ended up at the playground. I think we will all sleep good tonight. Chris and I both were snapping photos with our phones at the playground…and I had to work them onto a scrapbook page.
On a different note I really like a font called “Reklame” and wish it wasn’t so expensive! There is a free version but it doesn’t come with punctuation. I had to use it anyways for the title of the page…I don’t need punctuation there anyways!

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Simple Things

Enjoyed using this iphone4 app today from the makers of the Hipstamatic app (which I use way too often). I would look up the name of this one, but the sound on my iphone isn’t working and I am trying to restore it…who knows if that will work. I went on a 4+ mile run (well a little of it was a walk too) with Grant in the jogging stroller. And I know for a fact he weighs at least 24lbs because we went to the doc this week. That is a low number for his age and I’m not complaining! I thought he would enjoying playing at the park afterwards, but apparently I was wrong so we got back into the car. I enjoy this little photo strip and seeing the progression of his facial expression. My smile is even bigger when I look at him + the success of running + the promise of impending fall weather. I won’t let my iphone’s issues make me sad…yet!


My sister came in from NY for a visit this week. We spent Monday/Tuesday @ Easton Mall in Columbus, then this evening hanging out at mom’s having dinner. These photos were taken last Saturday when we first went to visit her. Grant enjoys playing with his Auntie Rach! I used some products from the digi files this month in the LO. I have to admit I don’t know if I like the cluttered feeling to the LO, but I was using a template. Sometimes trying something new or different is ok. Just thought I’d share it! Credits include: Karla Dudley Capture and Record, CVisions Happy Snapper, and AAB Simple Date.