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This was the PM after the woman’s downhill skiing. I think we were all a little tired at this point and man was it getting chilly! We had a trek to get to the event, then Grant was asleep in my baby wrap before security, which he then woke up and I had to take him out of the wrap so they could check and make sure I wasn’t a threat. Ugh! Anyways, once we finally made it up to the site it was really interesting to see how things were set up. The “finish” area actually was up hill to all the competitors time to slow down and stop. Prior to the event some guys sprayed the ice down with water…I just don’t think I could have the courage to go down an ice slide on a sled, laying on my back. I mean wax paper on a metal slide is one thing…this is just crazy! We were able to watch the US guys and then Grant was getting restless/cold/whatever so I took him down to the warming tent. We pretty much stayed there until everyone was ready to leave. It was just cold and you really only saw the competitors for a split second.

We were ready to leave by the middle of it, and grabbed some subway before heading back to the bus. When walking back we went by the medals area (you needed a separate ticket to enter). Lindsey Vonn was there being awarded her gold medal for the downhill skiing. There was definitely some excitement around that place. But I think our excitement was greater when we were able to sit down in the bus and eat our sandwiches!

Credits: Karla Dudley Sobe (papers) and Katie Hadfield Winter Games


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Our third day in Vancouver was actually mostly spent outside of Vancouver, at Whistler Ski Resort. The first half of the day was spent traveling on the bus and then watching the Alpine Women’s Downhill. There was a great atmosphere at this event, perfect weather (we even wore sunscreen), and Grant slept through most of the event. Two USA ladies took Gold and Silver – Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso. We did witness a few falls, which is pretty scary considering the skiers can reach speeds of 80mph. No one was seriously injured, however, and the event pretty much went on without too many delays. After the event we went to Whistler Village for lunch/shopping until the next event later in the afternoon.

Credits: Katie Hadfield Winter Games, Fortunate by MScraps Designers

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I was so excited for this day (after being too tired to go the day previous)! Anyways, we went to Granville Island to do a bit of shopping (early in the morning before the crowds). I think we all enjoyed it…and we were off to the men’s figure skating short program afterwards (can’t wait to get those pics up). Let me just say that I love Vancouver and this day marks the beginning of one of my dreams…to be at the Olympics!
Credits: Katie Pertiet Spot Dots Olympics, Paislee Press Mid Winters Flight, Createwings Winters Flight

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So for the first time in my life on of the main things I wanted to do on vacation was go to church. It did feel a little odd, but at the same time, probably something that should be more commonly done. I mean, Paul visited a lot of churches (ok, I know that is probably a bit of a stretch in comparison). Anyways, I was still sick (coughing and hacking everywhere) but Chris and I got up and went to the early service. Mom graciously stayed behind and cared for Grant. We went to the main campus (called the Ballard campus) and it was really less than a 10 minute taxi ride away from our hotel (totally unplanned). It was kind of surreal to hear and see Mark Driscoll in person. The band was really awesome, very “different” and the first time they had played at the church. I think it was very Jars of Clay like.

Credits: catherine designs recreation 23, sir scrapalot designs artistic mess paper pack 2, cheeky monkey always papers

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On 2-13-10 we went to Pike Place Market. This was walking distance from our hotel, there was a neat lookout place before we crossed over the street. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see the mountains in the distance. Grant did fairly well in the hiking pack/baby carrier. We at some yummy pastry and did a little shopping while at the market. Once we were tired, back to the hotel we went, and Grant took a nap. Mom ended up staying with him while Chris and I went to urgent care (due to my stupid cold). Funnily enough we watched more Olympics on TV in the doc’s office than we had up to that point since we were on the move so much. Basically it was a cold according to the doc and didn’t really need meds, but we got them just in case since we would be leaving the USA. Basically Sudafed, Afrin, and cough drops got me through the week. What an adventure. I think that was also the evening that we had dinner at the hotel, which took FOREVER. I ended up taking Grant up to our room and putting him to bed….that left me to eat my dinner in the bathroom so I wouldn’t disturb him. It was actually one of the better meals we had, the kitchen staff was just overwhelmed. What memories!

Credits: Karla Dudley Sobe, Valerie Wibbens Happy Days

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This begins a journey…a scrapbooking journey to log our trip to Seattle/Vancouver and the Olympic Winter Games 2010. I absolutely love the photo of the newspaper holders (no idea what they are called). I was hoping it would turn out so well! This is the view from our window at the Marriott in Seattle, Waterfront. We had an excellent location for our hotel. Very close to Pike Place Market, other shopping, an art museum, the tram to the Space Needle, Mars Hill Church. We could not have picked a better place. I totally give God the credit for that, he knew what he was doing when I searched for a hotel and so many were booked. Just the start of how God worked in our trip and set us up for a wonderful vacation experience. LO Credits: Karla Dudley Capture and Record, Katie Pertiet Spot Dots Olympics

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