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Photo Hunt Challenge from Day 3 at the weekday workshop (scrapartist.com)


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Scrapartist.com has a free weekday workshop for the first 50 who sign up. This week the topic is journaling. Working on my winter album, here is a LO of our friends. Credits include a template from Tiffany Tillman, Paislee Press Mid Winters Flight, and Catherine Designs Winter Retreat. Journaling reads: As much as we love Grant, the rare evening with adults only is appreciated:
• We repeat ourselves less (it is easier to hear without “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”)
• Mental relaxation (not…what is Grant into every 2 minutes)
• Full sentences and longer words (instead of “no,” “awww,” and “come here”
• Larger bites (no cutting up food into small pieces)
• Less observation from others (let’s face it, kids attract attention)
• No rewind, pause, or abandoning the activity (we watched the whole movie and didn’t get up once)
• Not being surrounded by plastic and playschool (although the color scheme is stimulating)
• A quiet ride home (Grant is definitely worn out after too much fun at the grandparents)

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