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I think this thought crosses my mind at least several times a day. I mean, he just meets life with such an intensity. Today’s new activity was diving or belly “flopping” onto the floor, which I had padded with pillows, from his pottery barn stuffed chair. Thought he was hilarious and kept looking to Chris and I for our approval. That last part he gets from me…although hopefully he will find his fulfillment outside of his momma’s consideration.

Interestingly he does not really care for ice cream and popsicles, which I think might be due to the coldness. This picture was taken at a friend’s house in Pittsburgh after an afternoon of constant play. Hopefully he thought it was refreshing while meeting the challenge to “conquer the icy treat.” LOL!

Credits: Kristen Aagard All Aboard digital kit


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Through the trees

Sometimes you don’t know what is waiting outside your door. I had not been outside all day due to the rain and my own laziness. But for Shimelle’s Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages I was supposed to take a photo of the sky. Well the sky was pretty rainy, but this evening it cleared just enough for my camera to be safe amongst a few drips. I just really love what I came up with! I used Lightroom for the bulk of the photo edit, then PSE7 to add textures (Emily Powers Photology 2.3), a gradient, Paislee Press Viewfinder Frames 2, and FeiFei’s Stuff Different Strokes tag. It also inspired me to create my own watermark…don’t want someone stealing this one! I used this tutorial from CoffeeShop Free Actions (love that site)!

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I forgot to mention yesterday that I am participating in another class, Shimelle’s Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages. It is a bit different than the previous two classes I have taken. Just trying to get some inspiration and motivation to continue recording a bit of life history. Anyways, today I decided to focus on the evolution of Grant (kinda like the evolution of dance…or not). I am sure parents (if they read this) would attest to the ever changing relationship between parent and child. As Grant gets a little older and “wiser” every day our interactions change. I’d be lying if I said they were always positive and perfect. So in this photo Grant is on “the line” as my mom would put it. I drew a line (bottom of the stairs) and that is where Grant sits. Happy and a bit provocative in his attempt to see if I mean what I say. That look says it all, doesn’t it?
Credits: Chelle’s Creations Bug Catcher, Queen of Quirk Cirque du Ciel, Paislee Press View Finder Frames 3

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Summertime Fun

Grant has been having fun this summer, as long as he can be outside. Sometimes mommy just doesn’t feel up to it though…never have really loved the hot weather. Most of the time we go outside in the morning either after a walk or a run through the neighborhood. We have set a little pool up a few times, and Grant enjoys that…but he would much rather play with the other kiddos when they are home. Having other people around just makes things more fun sometimes. This photo makes me feel “back in time” or something, maybe that is why I like it so much? Already have it on the wall at home…now I have it on here too 🙂 Grant makes me smile, except when he is exerting his little will…or big will depending on how I choose to look at it. We are both learning every day, Grant is learning how to exist in this world and I am learning how to help him survive it!

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