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Grant has been changing so much lately into more of a little man. He has started practicing little words and just babbling all the time (at least around Chris and I). The photos are from April, which seems to have been so recent but when I am writing this more than a month has passed. I changed some of the photos around our house this evening because he just isn’t the same little boy that was in those photos. I still keep the photo of his first day up on the wall, which is a great reminder of how small he was not that long ago. My role of a parent is ever changing, and is much different than it was those first few months (basic survival time). Now I have to learn to say “no” and set boundaries, and I know that I will get plenty of practice with those things in the years to come. But for now I will just enjoy these pictures and thinking about what a special little boy I get to share my life with. Sigh….


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Well I guess I should have an excuse for this? Or maybe not since most of the people reading this know me. I photographed a wedding in March and until I finished the photos/photo book I pretty much shunned all of my other projects. So I am back to myself again (somewhat) and took a few minutes today to scrapbook these photos of Chris and Grant. This was in March when I had rented a lens in order to do the wedding photography. I had to play with it a bit and some nice pictures resulted. Maybe sometime I will have the 1K needed to invest in the lens…it was a great one.

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