Little Dragon

My take on an assignment for the text fx class (tiffany tillman – reneepearson.com). We had a great time trick or treating with Grant. He was such a cute dragon!

Credits: Karla Dudley “Spook”


Text Fx

I am currently working on a class through ReneePearson.com called Text Fx. The instructor is Tiffany Tillman and she does a great job teaching! Having a bit of fun this evening working on text in Photoshop Elements. Here is the result of my work…enjoy!

The fonts I used are Amelie and Impact.

Thank you Cathy Zielske. Not only do you run, scrapbook, and many other awesome things…you also make muffins. I highly recommend you run to your kitchen and make these right now. I was intrigued by the block of cream cheese in the muffin recipe. I will be making these again!

Frame: Karah Fredricks “Those Box Thingies”

Beef Stew Recipe

This is what I am doing instead of packing for New York. Or taking a shower. I needed to type this recipe up for a friend, so I thought I would go ahead and add it to a scrapbook page. More work than I expected! Enjoy!

Credits: GMiller Veggie Soup, PKnox Speed Bytes

Cooking Up A Memory

I guess it is class time again….and I am really excited about this one. It is a cookbook project, and since cooking is a huge part of my life I think that is something that fits in well with my current schedule. This class is interesting because it really encourages you to focus on both the food and the memories/people that go along with that. I have so many memories tied to food, ones I often don’t think of…and this class has already made me remember some of them. I took my first photos today, I am at my mom’s house and she decided to make some cole slaw (YUM!). Perfect photo opp, and the kiddo decided to be a part of the action too. I must say the best part was the taste test. I forsee a lot of those opportunities in the near future.

Really enjoyed visiting with family this week (seems to be a theme this month and I’m not complaining). One of my favorite things was watching Grant play with his Great Grandpa. It is amazing how little boys just know instinctively who the guys are in the room and are 100% sure that they would want to play with matchbox cars as much as they do. So cute! I am definitely welcoming the fall weather, but not wanting these beautiful days to turn into cold ones just yet…although those first snowflakes are magical.
Credits: Paislee Press/One Little Bird Storyteller

Columbus Zoo Page 3

Credits: Captivated Visions Happy Snapper